Campus Recruitment
Campus Recruitment
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Recruitment Information
     HFK supply chain Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of HFK International Group, a global supply chain management multinational group. Our company has a perfect talent training system, a good internal promotion mechanism, more benefits, welfare and so on. As long as you come, you are our promising player. We are looking forward that you can join HFK!

On-campus recruitment

HFK will start campus recruitment in June and October every year

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Recruitment Information
  • Job
    Work Place
    Job Requirements
    Salary Range
  • Trainee of Brand Management Department
    Brand Department

    1. Job description

    ①Mainly engaged in corporate brand promotion

    ②Engaged in corporate brand and related film and television production

    ③Engaged in the writing of external promotion texts

    ④Responsible for the promotion of the company's new media

    2. Job requirements

    ①College degree or above, film and television media, news communication, computer and other related majors are preferred

    ②Good communication skills and coordination skills; able to work under pressure

    ③Honest, upright, cheerful personality, a strong sense of responsibility, good at communicating with people

    3. Training direction

    brand specialist -- brand supervisor -- brand manager

  • Trainee of Customs Management Department
    Customs Department
    German major above level 4

    1. Job description

    Mainly engaged in import and export online declaration

    Engaged in the preparation and classification of relevant materials related to customs declaration

    Responsible for handling declaration problem sheets

    Communicate with customs about daily customs declaration

    2. Job requirements

    College degree or above, major in international trade, logistics management, etc

    Good communication skills, coordination skills, able to work under pressure

    Honest, upright, cheerful personality, a strong sense of responsibility, good at communicating with people.

    Training direction: customs system keyboarder or customs field coordinator or classification specialist - customs supervisor - customs manager