Talent Cultivation
Talent Cultivation
Looking forward to growing together with you
Induction training
HFK values and accepts every employee, upholding the corporate spirit of "integrity", "tolerance", "openness" and "growth". We are committed to creat the best quality and most suitable developed platform for every employee who chooses us. HFK hopes to grow together with you.

Induction  training

HFK will arrange colleagues to help the new employees on the first day after they are employed.

Within three days after joining the company, we bring new employees to know all departments of company, get familiar with the environment and get to know colleagues of all departments.

New employees will be arranged for induction training within 15 days. In the induction training, new employees will be trained according to the company's corporate profile, corporate culture, corporate service content, company rules and regulations, and new employees will be arranged for training and evaluation

Employee Mentality Training

On the basis of training activities, the concept of mentality training runs through the daily work. Hold mentality training regularly, adjust the concept and attitude of life and work for enterprise personnel, and set up correct and positive concept. Mindset training also allows employees and teams to constantly review and adjust themselves.

Evaluation System

Survival of the fittest is the law of survival in the environment, the enterprise in aspect of personal skills and other aspects will not only vigorously train new people, but also through monthly performance standards to strictly assess every employee. If there are no special circumstances, there will be work slack, low efficiency and other negative situations. The personnel administration department will evaluate each employee based on work performance, which directly reflects the personal salary.

Skills training

Our company has setted a professional training lecturer position, the lecturer will set up  acccording to different departments, different postion every week for different courses of training content. To improve the work efficiency of employees is to improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. We are committed to improving the professional level of every employee, from psychological literacy to personal work skills, and constantly pursue a perfect training system.

Talent Cultivation
The talent training system of the company is composed of four parts: "Qihang engineering plan", "Yuying engineering plan", "Jingying engineering plan" and "excellent engineering plan". From these four parts to build the company's strategic talent pool.
  • Qihang engineering plan
    The plan aims to cultivate college students who are motivated, willing to learn and aggressive, so that they can gradually grow into technical and business backbones of the Department.
  • Yuying engineering plan
    The plan aims to further train the outstanding supervisors with more than two years' working experience and training potential supervisors, so that they can gradually grow into the heads of various functional departments.
  • Jingying engineering plan
    The plan aims to further cultivate the company's potential key technical personnel and middle-level management personnel to make them outstanding and reserve talents for the company's reserve positions.
  • excellent engineering plan
    The plan aims to train the existing reserve lead and technical leaders of the company, gradually delevop them into comprehensive talents, and prepare for the future strategic expansion of the company.