Import Agent
Import Agent
Customized services, to provide you with a more intimate and more convenient import same-day arrival.
Medical apparatus and instruments
Medical apparatus and instruments
Mechanical and electrical equipment
Mechanical and electrical equipment
Electronic component
Electronic component
LCD screen and module
LCD screen and module
Scientific research equipment
Scientific research equipment
One-to- one communication
Receiving order
Customs declaration
Customs inspection
Cargo release
Provide you with a more intimate and more convenient import same-day arrival.
Quick speed
Efficient cooperation, fast customs clearance, Hong Kong imports on the same day;
Professional team
Professional team for customs declaration and inspection, efficient operation, one-to-one to provide quality services;
Cargo Security
Self-owned vehicle delivery, 24 hours timely response, to ensure the safety of goods;
Save time and effort
To provide you with one-stop service for the importation of goods, improve the efficiency, save labor;
Value-added services
Choose HFK import agent service, what brings you?
Shorten trade cycle
Substitute for payment ease the financial pressure
Simplify the foreign trade process, reduce the transaction link
Improve the security
of goods and capital
Reduce purchasing cost
Domestic production factories, traders and individuals can cooperate with our company by export;
The enterprise are general taxpayer (or small-scale taxpayer) and has been established for more than six months;
The export products must be within the scope allowed by national laws and regulations, and the trade background is real;
L/C review
our professional team will help you reviewing L/C and preparing documents, to help you avoid the L/C soft clause and the L/C pitfall. It is safe and convenient.
L/C packaging
professional careful review the L/C, if it matches the conditions can be packaged, in 3 working days arrives to account, 30% financing payment package.
Advance payment by L/C
maximum payment of 100% L/C for you, 3 working days can be paid, promote efficiency of capital turnover.
Door-to-door logistics
whole-process service from factory to buyer's warehouse, covering sorting and packaging delivery.
International logistics
customized international shipping, and air logistics services.
Trailer service
provide high-quality inland, between China und Hongkong, refrigerated trailer service. We are excellent service provider, professional, safe and fast.